Staff ranks


The owner of the server is CelesteMagisteel. She is the head of the staff team, and has the final say on any changes that are made. She should be contacted via discord only as a last resort, or if you have any issues with an administrator.

Feel free to message her in-game if she is online, however, be warned that she will often have the server open, whilst working on other projects, so may be slow to respond.


The head admin of the server is Smiony. She is the second-in-command, and has all the same power and authority as the owner. Her role is to be a contact point for staff members, before reaching out to the owner. 

Feel free to message her in-game if she is online. She should be able to help you, or point you in the right direction, if no other staff members are available.


The administrators for the server are Brookey_Clark, DerpTur7le, Nerdy_Dragon, and RainbowMitch. They serve to help players with more advanced issues, such as griefing. As such, they have access to permissions to help them keep an eye on everything.


Trusted players are regular players, who have earned a name for themselves for being friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and all-around model members of the community. They have some permissions to help deal with minor chat issues, such as spam, and can help to find the cause of some issues. They should be your first port-of-call if you need support.