The server rules are as follows:

01) Griefing, Stealing and Looting are prohibited, even in unclaimed areas.
02) Discussion of other servers, even in private message, is against the rules.
03) Discussion of mature, sensitive, or inappropriate topics is to be kept out of general chat.
04) Spamming is forbidden. This includes messages, commands, copypastas and ASCII art.
05) Cursing should be kept to a minimum in global chat.
06) No matter what race, gender, sexuality or indentity, all are welcome within the community.
07) Be respectful and polite with all members of the community.
08) Do not ask staff members for ranks, items or permissions.
09) Use of mods or hacks to gain an advantage is strictly prohibited. If in doubt, ask a staff member.
10) Use of machines, autoclickers, or anything of that nature, to bypass AFK timeout, is strictly prohibited.

These rules apply to both the discord server as well as the minecraft server

Respect and Politeness:
We believe all players on the server are equal, and should be treated that way. With that in mind, the server has a zero tolerance policy on:
 - Racism
 - Sexism
 - Ageism
 - Ablism
 - LGBTQAI+ phobia
 - Transphobia
Anyone caught doing any of the above with malicious intent will be permanently banned.
Players should also respect each others privacy, and not share anothers personal information without their consent. This includes calling friends by their real name, if it is not common knowledge.

Mature, Sensitive and Inappropriate Topics:
This sever is targetted primarily at players aged 13 and over, however, we do not put an age limit on the server. With this in mind, we aim to limit general chat to be suitable for most, if not all, people.
Restricted Topics include, but are not limited to:
 - Sex and Sexual Content
 - Drugs
 - Politics (Political debates tend to spark controversy)
 - Gore
If you are in doubt about a topic, ask a staff member.

Griefing, Looting and Stealing:
This server is primarily aimed towards Player VS Environment, as such stealing, griefing and looting other players is strictly prohibited. Player VS Player is enabled, but is only allowed between two willing participants.
Griefing is defined as breaking or otherwise defacing/destroying another players base.
Looting is purposefully killing another player in a dimension where Keep Inventory is disabled, in the hopes of stealing their items.

Machines, Farms and AFK:
Automatic farms, as a rule, are allowed. This comes with a couple of caveats, the first of which being that they cannot cause a noticeable impact on the server. They also cannot allow you to bypass the AFK mechanics, and doing so will lead to your playtime being removed, and being kicked from the server.